5 Star – Sukhumvit Hotel with Great Swimming Pool – 5*

Secret Hotels are a fantastic way to help save you cash without risking the quality, due to the fact that most properties in the collection are 4 or 5 stars. Actually, guests could save as much as an incomparable 35 % when they choose a secret hotel. These luxurious hotels and resorts don’t wish to market reduced rates, as this can often distance other clients, so as an alternative they decide to advertise without their name. You have the ability to still read everything about the resort, such as what facilities it provides and more or less where it’s found, but you will not be informed the real name of the establishment till you get your reservation confirmation.

Over the last few months, secret hotels have become quite sought after, predominantly for last minute bookings and quick stopovers. The collection now includes hotels and resorts all around the globe so wherever you want to go, it’s likely you’ll have the option of a secret hotel. Besides saving you money, they also offer guests the opportunity to sample a different hotel and lots of guests also love the element of secrecy.