Comfortable Hotel with Pool. Outskirts of Chester – 3* – Chester

When you select your dates and destination for a hotel, you’ll be given the secret hotels with available guest rooms. For each secret hotel, you’ll be provided with their star rating, a thorough description including pointers as to where it’s near and a passage mentioning the facilities you can look forward to. It’s important to read the description in detail, as normally it will specify what the establishment is known for, for example board rooms for business guests or an acclaimed restaurant ideal for couples. Normally the title of the secret hotel will additionally expose a crucial detail.

Secret hotels are advantageous for both the customer and the establishment. Hotels part of the secret hotels collection can guarantee guest rooms get booked up without advertising their name in the public domain, whilst customers can save up to an unbeatable 35% off the usual suite price. As the market increases for this original notion, extra properties are being added to the collection worldwide and more travel agents, like Travelocity, are providing their take on the opaque bookings concept.