Fantastic Hotel near to Waterfront & Shopping! – 4* – Dudley

Are you anxious to save money on your next city break? Then how about booking a secret hotel. Did you know that you could save an unbeatable 35% when you select to book a secret hotel? Yep 35%! A growing number of people are becoming knowledgeable on the advantages of booking a secret hotel, as more locations are opening up and more four and five star hotels are joining the collection. In 2013, Hotwire reported that an additional 5,000 hotels would be added to their collection.

So how does the process work? Well, when a hotel has empty rooms but doesn’t wish to promote reductions publicly, they can list without stating their name via travel agents like Expedia. Potential guests will then be able to read a thorough description to find out more about the hotel. They will furthermore be able to see the star rating and a section on its services. However, they will not be able to see any photos of the guest rooms or it’s name till after the booking verification is complete.