First Class Hotel Ideally Located – 3* – Birmingham

Are you eager to save money on your following business trip? Then look no further than booking a secret hotel. Did you know that you could save a staggering 35% when you opt to book a secret hotel? That’s correct, 35%! A growing number of people are becoming acquainted with the advantages of booking a secret hotel, as more countries open up and more 4 and 5 star establishments are being added to the collection. In 2013, Hotwire announced that an additional 5,000 hotels would be joining their collection.

So how does the process work? Well, when a hotel has vacant guest rooms but does not like to market markdowns publicly, they can list without stating their name through travel agents like Travelocity. Potential customers will then be able to read a detailed description to find out what type of hotel it is. They will also be able to view the star rating and a section on its facilities. However, they will not be able to view any pictures of the guest rooms or it’s name until after the booking verification is confirmed.