Luxury hotel with spectacular views over the city – 5* – Barcelona

Secret Hotels are an ideal method to help save you money without risking the quality, since the majority of the hotels and resorts in the collection are 4 or 5 star. As a matter of fact, customers can save as much as an incredible 35 % when they opt to book a secret hotel. These luxurious hotels don’t wish to advertise cut rates, as this could occasionally estrange other guests, so instead they decide to advertise anonymously. You have the ability to still read all about the hotels and resort, such as what features it provides and more or less where it’s located, but you won’t be informed the actual name of the property till you get your reservation confirmation.

In the last couple of years, secret hotels have become very popular, predominantly for last minute bookings and quick stopovers. The collection now includes hotels all over the world so wherever you have to go, it’s likely you’ll have the option of a secret hotel. As well as saving you money, they also offer clients the chance to try out a different hotel and the majority of guests also adore the element of secrecy.