Modern and central hotel with large rooms and pool in Mitte! – 4* – Berlin

Secret Hotels are a smashing means to save you money without risking the quality, because the majority of the hotels and resorts in the collection are four or five stars. In fact, customers can save up to an unbelievable 35 % when they book a secret hotel. These luxurious resorts do not want to promote cut rates, as this could often push away other clients, so as an alternative they opt to advertise anonymously. You may still read all about the hotel, such as exactly what services it offers and more or less where it’s found, however you won’t be told the actual name of the property till you receive your booking confirmation.

Over the last couple of years, secret hotels have become very popular, notably for last minute bookings and overnight stop-offs. The collection now includes accommodation all around the world so wherever you want to go, it’s highly likely you’ll have the choice of a secret hotel. As well as saving you money, they also give customers the opportunity to sample a new hotel and lots of customers also love the component of mystery.